Best longboard bearings 2023

Are you looking for the perfect longboard bearings to buy in  2023? You’re not alone. With the rapid growth and development of longboarding, it is becoming increasingly difficult to choose the right bearings.

This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the necessary information so that you can make an informed decision. Get ready to find out what makes a great longboard bearing and how to choose the best one for you!

Best longboard bearings 2023

  1. Oldboy  Bearings Longboards(Editor’s Pick)
  2. Bones longboard Bearings (Best Overall)
  3. Yellow Jacket Longboard Bearings(Budget Friendly)
  4. Freupon Longboard Bearings 
  5. Fireball Longboard Bearings 
  6. SKITCH Pro Bearing Longboards
  7. Lucid Longboard Bearings

1) Oldboy Bearings Longboards

Best longboard bearings

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Longboarders know that good bearings make for a smooth ride. Oldboy Bearings is the place for superior longboard bearings. These durable bearings are made of alloy steel, ceramic, and metal.

608RS Ball Bearing Power

Oldboy Bearings uses durable, precise 608RS ball bearings. These bearings operate well regardless of speed or load. They also work well with oil and other lubricants, reducing wear and strain.

Small and Compatible

Oldboy Bearings are small, measuring 2.76 x 2.76 x 2.46 inches and weighing 0.1 kilos. This design simplifies installation and works with many longboard styles. The bearings’ precision engineering and excellent construction ensure ride stability.

Longboarders’ Best Quality

In conclusion, Oldboy Bearings has an unmatched assortment of durable and high-quality longboarding bearings. Premium materials and excellent engineering make these bearings smooth and comfortable for riders of all levels. Oldboy Bearings makes longboard bearings that last. The best bearings for longboarding!

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  1. Durable construction using alloy steel, ceramic, and metal materials
  2. Use of 608RS ball bearings for high speeds and heavy loads
  3. Compatible with a range of lubricants, including oil
  4. Compact size for easy installation and compatibility with different longboard designs
  5. Precision engineering for stability and reliability while riding.



Brand Oldboy
Material Alloy Steel, Ceramic, Metal
Item Dimensions LxWxH 2.76 x 2.76 x 2.46 inches
Item Weight 0.1 Kilograms
Bearing Number 608RS


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2) Bones Longboard Bearings

Best longboard bearings

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Bones Bearings offer high-quality longboarding bearings. Bones, a popular longboarding brand, makes top-notch bearings. These alloy steel bearings provide a smooth, exciting ride at high speeds.

ABEC 9 Precision

ABEC 9 makes Bones Longboard Bearings stand out. These bearings are precise and high-quality, and higher ratings mean better performance. Bones skate bearings exceed ABEC 9, the industry standard. Thus, even on tough terrain, you can enjoy a fast, smooth ride.

Long-Lasting Durability

Bones Longboard Bearings are built to last and have precision engineering. Longboarding enthusiasts use these bearings since they’re intended to resist heavy use and harsh circumstances. These bearings are reliable and can handle any longboarding difficulty.

Optimize Any Longboard Design

Bones Longboard Bearings’ adaptability with many longboard designs is another benefit. These bearings fit multiple longboard models without issues. Bones Bearings fit longboards nicely and are easy to install.

Conclusion: Bones Bearings Enhance Longboarding

Bones Longboard Bearings are the best for longboarding. These bearings guarantee a thrilling, smooth, and reliable ride every time you hit the streets with their unmatched ABEC 9 standard, sturdy construction, and compatibility with many longboard designs. Don’t compromise on your longboard’s performance—upgrade it with Bones Bearings for a lifetime of fun.

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  1. ABEC 9 specification for precision and quality
  2. Made from durable alloy steel material
  3. Designed to withstand heavy use and extreme conditions
  4. Compatible with a wide range of longboard designs
  5. Provides a fast, smooth, and reliable ride.



Brand Bones
Material Alloy Steel
Item Dimensions LxWxH 4 x 1.9 x 0.5 inches
Item Weight 1 Grams
Specification Met ABEC 9


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3) Yellow Jacket Longboard Bearings

Best longboard bearings

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Longboarders know how crucial bearings are. Yellow Jacket Longboard Bearings are best for smooth, consistent rides. Alloy steel longboarding bearings are sturdy and suitable for severe use.

608 Roller Bearing Precision and Durability

Yellow Jacket Longboard Bearings use quality and durable 608 roller bearings. Longboarders love these bearings because they work well at high speeds and large loads. With these bearings, you may enjoy longboarding without fear.

Longboard Design Compatibility

Yellow Jacket Longboard Bearings work well with many longboard designs. These bearings fit into various longboard setups, letting you tailor your ride without compatibility issues.

Pleasant Ride

High-quality craftsmanship makes Yellow Jacket Longboard Bearings smooth and easy to ride. Alloy steel ensures durability and longevity, giving you hours of fast and reliable rides. These bearings are durable.

Stability and Safety Engineered

Longboarding safety comes first. Yellow Jacket Longboard Bearings’ precision engineering ensures stability. Well-made bearings make longboarding safe and fun.


Longboarders looking for high-quality, durable bearings should choose Yellow Jacket Longboard Bearings. Precision engineering, 608 roller bearings, and adaptability with numerous longboard designs set them apart from the competition. Yellow Jacket Bearings make high-speed longboard rides smooth, reliable, and safe. Longboard confidently and stylishly!

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  1. Made from high-quality alloy steel material
  2. Use of 608 roller bearings for precision and durability
  3. Compatible with a wide range of longboard designs
  4. Durable construction for long-lasting performance
  5. Precision engineering for stability and safety while riding.



Brand Yellow Jacket
Material Alloy Steel
Bearing Number 608
Bearing Type Roller Bearing


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4) Freupon Longboard Bearings

Best longboard bearings

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Freupon Longboard Bearings are the best for longboard performance. These stainless steel bearings provide an unmatched smooth and fast ride. Freupon Longboard Bearings satisfy longboarding purists with their ABEC 9 specification and 608RS ball bearings.

Compact and Powerful

Freupon Longboard Bearings are notable for their compact size. These lightweight bearings fit into many longboard designs and measure 0.87 x 0.31 x 0.28 inches and 0.2 pounds. Their high-quality structure and precision engineering ensure ride stability and reliability.

Strength and Performance

Freupon Longboard Bearings’ compatibility with oil and other lubricants is revolutionary. These bearings provide long-term performance by decreasing wear and allowing smooth operation. Longboarding fans choose them because of their durability and ability to survive severe use and harsh weather.

Freupon Longboard Bearings Rule Streets

Freupon Longboard Bearings are the best longboard bearings. ABEC 9 and 608RS ball bearings for a smooth and reliable ride. Freupon Longboard Bearings will transform your longboarding experience.

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  1. Made from high-quality stainless steel material
  2. Compact size for easy installation and compatibility with different longboard designs
  3. Use of ABEC 9 specification and 608RS ball bearings for precision and quality
  4. Compatible with a range of lubricants, including oil
  5. Built to withstand heavy use and extreme conditions.



Material Stainless Steel
Item Dimensions LxWxH 0.87 x 0.31 x 0.28 inches
Brand Freupon
Bearing Number 608RS
Specification Met ABEC 9


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5) Fireball Longboard Bearings

Best longboard bearings

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Good bearings make longboarding smooth. Fast riders choose Fireball Longboard Bearings. Ceramic bearings are durable and smooth.

Fireball Longboard Ceramic Advantage

Fireball Longboard Bearings are durable ceramic. These bearings work effectively in harsh conditions due to this unique feature. Every ride is precise and excellent with BUILT CERAMIC 8 bearings.

Simple Installation and Versatility

Fireball Longboard Bearings’ 3.66 x 1.89 x 0.59-inch dimensions and 0.09-kilogram weight are advantages. Compactness simplifies installation and allows compatibility with many longboard designs. Stability reduces riding accidents with these bearings.

Fireball Longboard Bearings Accelerate

Longboarders seeking high-quality bearings may consider Fireball Longboard Bearings. Ceramic material, BUILT CERAMIC 8 design, and precision engineering make these bearings fast, smooth, and reliable at high speeds. Fireball Longboard Bearings enhance longboarding.

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  1. Made from durable and wear-resistant ceramic material
  2. BUILT CERAMIC 8 style for precision and quality
  3. Compact size for easy installation and compatibility with different longboard designs
  4. Precision engineering for stability and safety while riding
  5. Provides a fast, smooth, and reliable ride every time.



Item Package Dimensions L x W x H 3.66 x 1.89 x 0.59 inches
Package Weight 0.09 Kilograms
Brand Name Fireball
Material Ceramic
Manufacturer Fireball


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6) Skitch Pro Bearing Longboards

Best longboard bearings

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Skitch Pro Bearing Longboards’ signature is carbon steel. These bearings work well under extreme conditions. Precision engineering safeguards thrilling rides.

Installs Easily

Skitch Pro Bearing Longboards weigh 0.34 kg and measure 2.83 x 2.76 x 0.55 inches. This compact size makes installation easy and compatible with many longboard designs. Black bearings improve your longboard’s appearance.

Optimize Longboard

Skitch Pro Bearing Longboards have durable, high-quality bearings. Carbon steel, precision engineering, and a sleek black finish make longboarding great. Skitch Pro Bearing Longboards fix your longboard’s bearings. Longboard higher with smooth rides and unmatched durability.

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  1. Made from durable and wear-resistant carbon steel material
  2. Precision engineering for stability and safety while riding
  3. Compact size for easy installation and compatibility with different longboard designs
  4. Sleek black color adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of your longboard
  5. Provides a superior longboarding performance every time.



Item Package Dimensions L x W x H 2.83 x 2.76 x 0.55 inches
Package Weight 0.34 Kilograms
Brand Name SKITCH
Color Black
Material Carbon Steel


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7) Lucid Longboard Bearings

Best longboard bearings

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Longboarders know that bearings change their ride. Lucid Longboard Bearings are stylish and powerful. These premium orange bearings are smooth and stand out.

Clear/Orange, Superior Style and Performance

Lucid Longboard Bearings’ clear/orange color lets riders express themselves. These longboard bearings add style. Riders and observers will love this board accessory.

All Longboards

Lucid Longboard Bearings are 6.65 x 6.42 x 3.31 inches and 0.88 kg. These standards simplify longboard installation. Cruisers, drop-throughs, and downhill boards fit these bearings.

Unrivaled Durability

Lucid Longboard Bearings are built of durable materials that withstand rigorous riding. Durable bearings. Their durability helps you longboard harder without losing performance.

Accuracy Engineering

Lucid Longboard Longboarding safety requires accurate bearings. Stable ride downhill. Safe bearings let you enjoy the ride.

Longboarders need it

Lucid Longboard Bearings are best for longboarders. Their clear/orange color adds style, and their high-quality construction ensures durability. These bearings please cruisers and downhillers.

Lucid Bearings enhance longboarding. Cruise or race in style. Lucid Longboard Bearings optimize longboarding.

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  1. Stylish clear/orange color adds a unique touch to your longboard
  2. Package dimensions make them easy to install and compatible with different longboard designs
  3. Made from high-quality materials for durability and resistance to wear and tear
  4. Precision engineering ensures stability and reduces the likelihood of accidents while riding
  5. Provides a smooth and comfortable ride every time.




Item Package Dimensions L x W x H 6.65 x 6.42 x 3.31 inches
Package Weight 0.88 Kilograms
Color Clear/Orange


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best longboard bearings 2023 -Complete Buying Guide

Longboarding is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and stay active. But it’s only as enjoyable as the quality of your longboard bearings. Low-quality bearings can cause your skateboard to feel heavy or sluggish, resulting in poor performance, whereas good bearings will make your ride smoother, faster, and take less effort.

To help you choose the best longboard bearings for your boards this year, we’ve put together this comprehensive buying guide. We cover everything from bearing construction to tips on cleaning and maintaining them. We’ll also provide our pick for the best longboard bearings of 2023 so you can get on the road quickly and safely!

Explanation of Longboard Bearings

When it comes to picking out longboard bearings for any type of setup, there are a few key points to consider. Longboard skateboard bearings are gauged in two different digital formats: ABEC and the less common Swiss Standard. The ABEC rating system is based on a scale that runs from 1 to 10, with the lower numbers meaning lower precision in the bearing and subsequently poorer performance. Swiss Standard bearings fall into their own category outside of this rating system, as they are completely independent from the ABEC scale and run on numerical measurements instead. The spin rate of high-end longboard skate bearings tends to be faster than their ABEC counterparts due to their higher quality build and material construction; however, any bearing with an ABEC rating of 7 or higher will provide sufficient performance for most skaters’ needs.

In addition to its spin rate, a bearing’s rolling resistance is also dependent upon its race shape, ball type, and material composition. While most longboards use standard “ceramic” steel balls due to their perfect balance between affordability and durability, slightly more expensive options such as concentric ceramic hybrids offer more consistent speed over time since they present less rolling resistance than steel balls while maintaining a reasonably high durability rating — making them an ideal choice for skaters looking for greater levels of precision during longer sessions or more technical tricks.

Importance of Choosing the Best Longboard Bearings

Best longboard bearings: which to buy?

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When it comes to skateboarding and longboarding, bearings are an essential component. The bearing is like the axle that you find in a wheel, providing the critical link that allows your wheels and trucks to spin freely. Good quality bearings ensure smooth rolling, better control of the board and increased speed. Bearings also prevent damage to the wheel or axle due to friction or excessive heat generation during use. It is important for longboarders to choose good quality bearings since an inferior bearing can cause significant loss in performance, flow and speed.

Having a good set of bearings helps your board spin faster with less effort which in turn allows you to accelerate more quickly and have more control when steering. When selecting a set of bearings, there are some key factors that should be considered: durability, size, Lubing technique (whether they are lubricated or non-lubricated) These factors all play an important role in determining how fast you can go and how well your board performs. Additionally, different types of riding styles require different kinds of bearings depending on grinding preferences, sliding capabilities etc…

There are several manufacturers out there making longboard specific bearings – each with its own unique characteristics such as weight tolerance, bearing construction materials etc.. Therefore it is important for longboarders to research thoroughly before picking one up for their rig….

Purpose of the Guide

This guide provides useful information and advice on selecting the best bearings for your longboard. Knowing what types of bearing are available, their characteristics and their benefits can help you make a more educated decision when it comes to purchasing them. Whether you’re a beginner, a race enthusiast or looking for the best performs for freestyle riding, understanding the types of board bearings available is important in making an informed purchase.

Furthermore, this guide will provide an overview of bearing considerations such as speed ratings, lubrication and ball size. Choosing the right bearing can mean increased riding quality and efficiency – read on to find out more!

Factors to Consider When Choosing Longboard Bearings

In order to make sure that you have chosen the best longboard bearings for your surfboard, there are several factors that you should consider. Here are some of the key factors to think about when looking for longboard bearings:

Durability: The durability of a bearing is extremely important, as this will determine how fast it is and how well it performs. Look for bearings that are made from strong and reliable materials, such as chrome steel or stainless steel. Also check if the bearing’s ABEC rating is high – this indicates that the bearing has been tested and certified to a high standard.

Speed Rating: Most bearings come with an ABEC speed rating so you can be sure of their performance levels. Check what speed rating is applicable to the bearing before making a purchase – higher ratings indicate greater speeds so if you want faster performance opt for higher numbers on the scale.

Size: Longboard bearings come in different sizes, from tiny micro-bearings, which offer cruising or pump-trick speeds, up to larger ones suitable for downhill racing, so choose according to your needs and preferences. However, if in doubt go for some medium-sized ones as these generally work well with all board types.

ABEC Rating

One type of quality measure for longboard bearings is the ABEC rating system. Abbreviated from the Annular Bearing Engineering Committee, ABEC ratings are a measurement of precision and are used to rate the tolerances of bearing components. The scale starts at 1 (lowest) and goes up to 9 (highest).

When it comes to longboard bearings, ratings between 3 and 7 provide a great balance of affordability and performance. Bearings with higher ABEC ratings are ideal for high-speed wheels, as they will be able to handle more force while maintaining accurate shape and spin. Bearings with lower ratings may not be able to sustain the same level of speed without prematurely wearing out or degrading in accuracy.

On average, most longboard owners can achieve a good balance between cost-performance from ABEC 5 or 6 bearings.


When selecting a bearing, it’s important to take into account the material it is made from. Whether you are shopping online or in a physical skate shop, it’s essential to understand the materials used in the manufacture of longboard bearings. Most bearings are made from steel, but there are other types available on the market today that use different materials such as ceramic, plastic, nylon and titanium.

Steel bearings: The most common type of folding bearing is made from steel and has been around for decades. Steel bearings offer great strength and durability but have a high friction coefficient and tend to wear out quickly over time.

Ceramic bearings: The latest type of bearing on the market is ceramic. Ceramics tend to be more expensive than traditional bearings because they offer greater protection against corrosion while remaining light-weight and having low rolling resistance. The main downside is that they don’t last as long as steel bearings due to their higher level of friction with the elements around them.

Plastic Bearings: Plastic bearings range from conventional plastic or polymers molded into a sleeve with ball sockets for roller races. Though less durable than steel or ceramic variants, plastic bearings allow riders to go faster with reduced drag against the sides of their polyurethane wheels due to their low surface friction coefficient which isn’t possible with steel or ceramics under normal conditions. Plastic bearing should generally only be considered by casual skateboarders who don’t plan on skating hard enough to wear down either metal options mentioned above, but even then they should expect them not last nearly as long as either of those more expensive alternatives unless all-surface conditions are ideal for them (horse coated surfaces).

Nylon Bearing Balls: Another option often considered alongside plastic sleeves is nylon balls rather than standard metallic ones typically used in steel or ceramic varieties for reduced friction against wheel hubs during fast rotations increases momentum faster when compared teetering between segments separated by links at onset turning rotator sidewall compared conventional mineral-based rollers with severe difficulties of working itself free once torque reaches beyond acceptable levels (this will cause affixation when locking forces wrap around harder; forcing threads unite rigidly together inducing higher levels fractioning speed during resistive confinement). In this category too riders should look out at making sure potential purchasing channels supplies quality components as cheap passable options also exist prone easily towards tearing eventually eliminating any savings had return purchase period hasten prematurely prior expected years service.

Titanium Bearings: Titanium Bearings are super light weight titanium alloy constructions that make perfect sense when design expense optimization required note exchangeable buy fund replacements necessary theoretically raised barrel sections recent versions proving extremely energy efficient counterparts choice metals without prejudice opposed trending models requiring constancy maintenance output optimizing pathways circuitry heights economic lightweighting practically impossible historic offerings yet viable plus size versions still dependent connecting factors solutions random relevant elevations times adjustment improvements extensions revolutions elapsed causing eventual breakthrough claims platform futurizing expectations sectors viability exceeded targeted horizons delivering unique characteristics saving cost specializations attracted opting customizable solutions given constraints varying according usability accessible dimensions popularity success efforts involved large strides futuristic specific superiority laid integrated edging grinding technologies unbeatable promises standpoints reliability longevity repeatability accustomized compatibility reliable familiar applied lines entries renewed purpose built performance determined usage definitions current answers regulating expertise innovation shaped lateral advances natural successor marking breakthroughs window opportunity forthcoming circumstances arising unpredictable previously fulfilled units.

III. Types of Longboard Bearings

Best longboard bearings: which to buy?

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When selecting longboard bearings, there are a few different types to choose from. Depending on your particular needs, one type may be preferable for your performance or budget goals. The following is a guide to the most popular types of longboard bearings:

Ceramic Bearings – Ceramic bearing are made from more resilient materials than standard chrome steel bearings and have the distinct advantage of being nearly friction-free. This reduces the amount of speed and power you have to put in propelling yourself forward and results in a smoother ride. However, ceramic bearings need more regular cleaning, which can be difficult for some beginners who aren’t aware of proper maintenance techniques. On the plus side, when cleaned properly, these bearings provide some of the fastest speeds and highest endurances available on the market today.

Chrome Steel Bearings- These are standard longboard bearings that use chrome steel pairs to reduce friction while increasing speed. Although they don’t provide performance gains as significant as those achievable with ceramic set ups, they tend to require less frequent cleaning than their counterparts due to their natural resistance against rusting or corrosion caused by tiny particles that would otherwise stick in between the moving components found in other designs. Expect chrome steel longboard bearings to be much more cost effective than other high-end options as well!

Swiss Bearings – Swiss bearing sets provide an ideal combination of high performance and low maintenance with their unique design incorporating miniature balls (rather than actual plated/polished metal pairs) which allow for up to 32 individual contact points at once for an extremely high precision ride experience – combined with better durability overall thanks to reduced contact spheres opposing each other when riding at faster speeds! Unfortunately though Swiss bearings tend to be much more expensive and harder for some users find the parts needed.

Steel Bearings

Steel bearings are one of the oldest and most prominent materials used for longboard bearings. Steel is a metal alloy that is both super-resistant to corrosion, and tough, resulting in superior durability over other materials. Steel bearings can last a lifetime, provided they are cleaned regularly and lubricated with oil or special grease every few rides.

Despite being resistant to corrosion and strong, steel bearings are usually the slowest type of bearing due to their additional weight. However if you don’t mind trading speed for durability and rust-proof longevity then steel bearings might be the right choice for your board.

If you’re planning on using corrosive agents like harsh cleaning chemicals when maintaining your longboard, then steel bearings may also be a great choice due to their rust-proof qualities.

Ceramic Bearings

Ceramic bearings are generally seen as a higher-end bearing than their metal counterparts, and they have significant advantages in performance. Ceramics are extremely resistant to corrosion and wear and tear, which causes them to last much longer than metal bearings. This means they aren’t likely to need regular cleaning or maintenance in order to keep performing optimally. Additionally, ceramic bearings use precision-ground ceramic silicon nitride balls instead of traditional steel balls, resulting in much smoother roll, less noise, and reduced friction. This all contributes to extremely fast speeds with ceramic bearings. They also give you an easier way to drift or slide while still enjoying a lot of speed—especially useful when it comes to racing down hills or trying tricks on steep terrain.

However, if you’re a light rider who doesn’t do a lot of extreme riding or downhill cruising then ceramic bearings may be overkill for your needs and the cost savings you realize don’t outweigh the lighter weight and increased load capacity offered by steel bearings. Also worth noting is that ceramics can bind up easily when exposed to moisture which often occurs when riding through wet terrain or if the bearing isn’t completely dry after cleaning. Ceramic action is quieter too but that could be viewed more as a blessing or a curse depending on your own personal preference for sound levels while skating.

Hybrid Bearings

Hybrid bearings are essentially a combination of steel and ceramic bearing components. They combine the best of both types of bearings by providing a perfect balance between strength, spin speed, and durability. Hybrid bearings are a great choice for all-around longboarding because they offer good performance for an affordable price.

Most hybrid bearings come with pre-lubricated balls that don’t need to be cleaned or re-lubed regularly, making them easier to maintain than other types of bearings. They also feature deep groove raceways that provide more precise wheel guidance for a smooth ride.

When choosing hybrid bearings, make sure to look for ball retention systems that keep balls from rolling out when you take your board out on the road. Also, check to make sure you’re getting good spin speeds with minimal friction as this will help you get better ride times.


In conclusion, no matter what type of bearing you choose, it is important to do plenty of research when it comes to selecting the right bearings for your longboard. You should always pay attention to the quality, cost and durability of your bearings in order to guarantee a high-performance and enjoyable longboarding experience.

In general, ceramic and titanium bearings have superior performance compared with stainless steel bearings due to their strength and reduced friction. However, stainless steel varieties are less expensive but still offer good performance. ABEC ratings are important when selecting according to speed as they rate how well a bearing spins. In addition, sealed or shielded bearings provide superior protection from dirt, debris and moisture for a longer life span.

Finally, don’t forget about brand reputation and customer reviews which could help you decide on the best product for you when deciding between different longboard bearing options!


What are the fastest longboard bearings?

The fastest longboard bearings are typically those with ceramic balls, as they are harder and smoother than steel balls, resulting in less friction and faster speeds.

What bearings to use with longboard?

t’s recommended to use bearings specifically designed for longboards, with an ABEC rating of 7 or higher, to ensure durability and smooth performance.

Do longboard bearings make a difference?

Yes, longboard bearings can make a significant difference in the speed and smoothness of your ride. Higher quality bearings with less friction will allow you to go faster and maintain momentum better.

Are ceramic bearings worth it longboard?

Ceramic bearings can be worth it for longboarding if you’re looking for the absolute fastest and smoothest ride. However, they are typically more expensive than steel bearings and may not be necessary for most riders.

What is a disadvantage of ceramic bearings?

A disadvantage of ceramic bearings is their cost. They can be significantly more expensive than steel bearings, which may not be practical for all riders.

Do pros use ceramic bearings?

Yes, some professional longboarders use ceramic bearings for their superior speed and performance.

Are Swiss or ceramic bearings better?

Swiss bearings are typically faster than ceramic bearings, but they are also more expensive. The best bearing for you depends on your personal preferences and needs.

Which bearing is best?

The best bearing for you depends on your personal preferences and needs. Generally, high-quality bearings with an ABEC rating of 7 or higher will provide good performance and durability.

Why are Reds bearings so good?

Reds bearings by Bones Bearings are highly regarded for their smooth performance, durability, and affordability, making them a popular choice among longboarders.

Are bones Swiss faster than Reds?

Bones Swiss bearings are generally considered faster than Reds bearings, but they are also more expensive. The choice between the two depends on your budget and performance needs.

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