Best longboard wheels 2023

Looking for the ideal longboard wheels to guide your skateboarding experience? With so many choices available, it can be difficult to determine which are best suited for your needs.

You don’t have to worry – this complete buying guide will help you find the perfect set of longboard wheels that fit your style.

Best longboard wheels 2023

  1. Cloud Ride! Longboard Wheels(Editor’s Pick)
  2. FREEDARE Longboard Wheels (Best Overall)
  3. Orangatang Longboard Wheels(Budget Friendly)
  4. Cloud Ride! Cruiser Longboard Wheels
  5. Orangatang Longboard Skateboard Wheels
  6. Shark Wheel Longboard 
  7. Orangatang Freeride Longboard Wheels

1) Cloud Ride! Longboard Wheels

Best longboard wheels

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Cloud Ride! Size distinguishes Black Hurricanes. These 70mm wheels are ideal for cruising and carving. These wheels work for beginners and pros. High-quality urethane grips well and keeps you on the board during tight turns.

Timeless Durability

Longboard wheels must last. Cloud Ride! Black Hurricanes excel. These wheels are made of high-quality materials and designed to last. These wheels provide a consistent riding experience for frequent boarders.

Warranty Confidence

Cloud Ride! guarantees its Black Hurricanes for 90 days. This gives clients confidence that they are buying a top-tier product with a good warranty. This warranty gives riders confidence in the manufacturer’s wheels’ quality and performance.

Use Cloud Ride! Black Hurricanes

Cloud Ride! Black Hurricanes longboard wheels offer the best longboarding experience. Their appropriate size makes them steady and thrilling for beginners and experts. Even with heavy use, these wheels are durable. With a 90-day warranty, Cloud Ride! stands behind their product. Cloud Ride! Black Hurricanes will take your longboarding to new heights!

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  1. The 70mm size of the Cloud Ride! Black Hurricanes makes them perfect for cruising and carving.
  2. The urethane material provides excellent grip, making it easier to stay on the board while making sharp turns.
  3. These wheels are made from high-quality materials, making them durable and long-lasting.
  4. Cloud Ride! offers a 90-day warranty on their Black Hurricanes, giving customers peace of mind.
  5. The package weight of 1.11 kilograms ensures that the product is not too heavy to carry.



Item Package Dimensions L x W x H 7.36 x 7.09 x 2.09 inches
Package Weight 1.11 Kilograms
Brand Name Cloud Ride!
Warranty Description 90-Day Warranty
Model Name Black Hurricanes


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2) Freedare Longboard Wheels

Best longboard wheels

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Freedare longboard wheels are made of durable polyurethane. Riders can comfortably tackle any terrain with these smooth and solid wheels. Polyurethane makes the wheels wear-resistant, extending their lifespan.

Elegant Design

Freedare black longboard wheels add style to any longboard. They make the board look good and perform well.

Compact and Lightweight

Freedare longboard wheels are ideal for riders who frequently transfer their boards because they measure 5.71 x 5.59 x 2.05 inches. These wheels fit easily into backpacks and travel bags. They weigh 0.71 kilogrammes, so your commute won’t be heavy.

Trusted Longboarding Manufacturer

Fenghuolun, a trusted longboarding brand, proudly makes Freedare wheels. Riders worldwide trust Fenghuolun’s quality and creativity. For those looking for high-quality longboard wheels, the part number Fenhuolun7051-1 makes identification and purchasing easy.

In conclusion, Freedare longboard wheels will improve your longboarding experience. Their grip, durability, and stylish design make them stand out. These wheels will improve your riding and give you the confidence to tackle any terrain. So equip your longboard with Freedare’s top-tier wheels and enjoy gliding smoothly and effortlessly. Remember, the perfect wheels may transform your longboarding experience.

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  1. The polyurethane material of the Freedare longboard wheels provides excellent grip and durability.
  2. The black color of the wheels adds a sleek and stylish touch to any longboard.
  3. The compact package dimensions of 5.71 x 5.59 x 2.05 inches make these wheels easy to transport.
  4. The package weight of 0.71 kilograms ensures that the wheels are not too heavy to carry.
  5. These wheels are manufactured by Fenghuolun, a trusted name in the longboarding industry.



Item Package Dimensions L x W x H 5.71 x 5.59 x 2.05 inches
Package Weight 0.71 Kilograms
Color Black
Material Polyurethane


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3) Orangatang Longboard Wheels

Best longboard wheels

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Orangatang Cruiser Wheels are 69mm and stable. Cruise or cut on these wheels. On-the-go bicyclists will love their 5.35 x 5.04 x 2.13-inch compact size. The 0.67-kilogram wheels work excellently.

Guaranteed Quality

Orangatang Cruiser Wheels protect. Riders receive a 90-day manufacturer warranty. DB Skim and Skate makes these wheels. Longboarders can buy these wheels with the part number HCR-CRU-69-PUR-78a.

Orange Cruiser Wheels Rule

Unmatched Grip and Durability

Urethane Orangatang Cruiser Wheels grip and last. Longboarding is safer and smoother with these wheels.

Clear Purple

Cruiser Wheels are bright purple. They perform well and make other longboarders jealous.

Adjustable Size

Cruise and carve with these 69mm wheels. Solid, responsive riding can conquer any terrain.

Easy transport

5.35 x 5.04 x 2.13-inch Cruiser Wheels are portable. These lightweight wheels make commuting or visiting your favourite longboarding spot easier.

Quality Assured

Orangatang’s 90-day warranty displays their product confidence. Riders trust this assurance.

Reliable Maker

The Cruiser Wheels are precision-made by longboarding business DB Skim and Skate.

Finally, longboarding is excellent with Orangatang Cruiser Wheels. Longboarders love these wheels’ grip, durability, and style. Orangatang Cruiser Wheels’ warranty and brand will enhance your longboarding adventures.

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  1. The Orangatang Cruiser Wheels are made from high-quality urethane, providing excellent grip and durability.
  2. The clear purple color adds a unique and stylish touch to any longboard.
  3. The 69mm size of these wheels makes them a great option for cruising and carving.
  4. The package dimensions of 5.35 x 5.04 x 2.13 inches make these wheels easy to transport.
  5. These wheels come with a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty, giving riders peace of mind.



Brand Name Cloud Ride!
Warranty Description 90 Day Manufacturers Warranty
Model Name Cruiser Wheels
Color Clear Purple
Material Urethane


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4) Cloud Ride! Cruiser Longboard Wheels

Best longboard wheels

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Cloud Ride! Cruiser Longboard Wheels are perfect for carving and cruising for all ability levels. These wheels help all longboarders. Transporting 5.35 x 5.04 x 2.13-inch packages is simple. Portable at 0.67 kilogrammes.

Trust-Building Warranty

Cloud Ride investment! Cruiser Longboard Wheels protect. A 90-day manufacturer’s warranty lets riders relax. Longboarders can trust the warranty. Cloud Ride! Longboarding leader DB Skim and Skate makes Cruiser Longboard Wheels, providing quality and attention.

Longboard Upgrade

Customise your longboard with four wheels. These high-performance wheels improve longboarding.


Longboarders love Cloud Ride! Cruiser Wheels. Their urethane grips and lasts. Clear purple gives your longboard style. Cruisers and carvers love them. DB Skim and Skate’s 90-day warranty and reputation make these wheels secure investments. Add four wheels to your longboard. Cruiser Longboard Wheels enhance ride.

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  1. The urethane material of the Cloud Ride! Cruiser Longboard Wheels provides excellent grip and durability.
  2. The clear purple color adds a stylish touch to any longboard.
  3. The size of these wheels is perfect for cruising and carving.
  4. The package dimensions of 5.35 x 5.04 x 2.13 inches make them easy to transport.
  5. These wheels come with a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty, giving riders peace of mind.



Brand Name Cloud Ride!
Warranty Description 90 Day Manufacturers Warranty
Model Name Cruiser Wheels
Color Clear Purple


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5) Orangatang Longboard Skateboard Wheels

Best longboard wheels

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Heavy-duty Orangatang Longboard Skateboard Wheels are 7.48 x 7.32 x 3.62 inches. Despite their size, they’re portable at 1.19 kilogrammes. Loaded Jehu V2 bearings speed installation.

Orangatang Excellence

Orangatang makes these high-quality wheels. Longboard Skateboard Wheels demonstrate their dedication to making the greatest longboarding gear. Because they work with numerous longboards and skateboards, they’re appealing to riders of all abilities.

Drive Confidently

Skateboard Orangatang Comfortable wheels. The blue colouring makes your longboard stand out and reflects your personality.

High-Performance Urethane

High-quality urethane makes these wheels work nicely. This material grips various terrains and protects wheels from heavy riding. Orangatang’s urethane wheels endure longer.

Loaded Jehu V2 Bearing Easy Installation

Loaded Jehu V2 bearings simplify Orangatang Longboard Skateboard Wheel installation. A smooth bearing system lets you rapidly replace your old wheels and ride again. Avoid installing by longboarding.

Riding Comfort

Beginners and pros love Orangatang’s Longboard Skateboard Wheels. They perform well on numerous longboards and skateboards regardless of equipment. Longboarding progresses with these wheels.


Orangatang Longboard Skateboard Wheels enhance longboarding. Precision design and high-quality urethane provide these wheels style, comfort, and durability. They’ll make you love longboarding again with their blue colouring and smooth ride. Join thousands of cyclists riding Orangatang wheels. Excellent orangatang.

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  1. The Orangatang Longboard Skateboard Wheels are made from high-quality urethane material, providing excellent grip and durability.
  2. The unique blue color with a 77a hardness rating provides a smooth and comfortable ride.
  3. The package dimensions of 7.48 x 7.32 x 3.62 inches make these wheels a larger option that can handle heavy use.
  4. These wheels come with a Loaded Jehu V2 bearing, making installation easy.
  5. Orangatang is a trusted brand in the longboarding industry, known for their commitment to quality and innovation.



Brand Name Orangatang
Color Blue, 77a
Material Urethane
Manufacturer Orangatang
Size w/ Loaded Jehu V2


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6) Shark Wheel Longboard

Best longboard wheels

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Shark Wheel Longboards are fun and practical. Longboarders can carry these little wheels. The 0.64-kilogram wheels are great for on-the-go adventures.

Shark Wheel, Innovator

Shark Wheel, a pioneering longboarding company, invented this. Their Shark Wheel Longboard is detailed. These 72mm wheels balance cruising and cutting excellently. The square wheels and three rows of grooves improve longboarding performance and stability.

Shark Wheel Longboard Smooth Cruising

Shark Wheel Longboards redefine cruising. Square shapes promote stability and traction. These wheels eliminate vibrations and choppy rides on all terrains.

Easy Carving

Carving thrill-seekers love the Shark Wheel Longboard. Sharp turns are effortless with the grooved form. These wheels handle metropolitan streets and mountain routes well.

Versatility redefined

Shark Wheel Longboards go beyond appearances. It adapts to all surfaces. These wheels travel smoothly on concrete, asphalt, and rougher terrain.

Lasting Quality

Excellence encompasses wheel durability and performance. Polyurethane wheels. The Shark Wheel Longboard is durable for longboarders.

Accept Revolution

The Shark Wheel Longboard is needed for advanced longboarding. Longboarding combines innovation and performance. Its square shape and three groove rows improve performance, stability, and adaptability. Shark Wheel Longboard—ride the future!

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  1. The square shape and grooves on the Shark Wheel Longboard provide improved performance and a smoother ride.
  2. The high-quality polyurethane material provides excellent grip and durability.
  3. The compact package dimensions of 5.63 x 5.59 x 2.28 inches make these wheels easy to transport.
  4. The package weight of 0.64 kilograms ensures that the wheels are not too heavy to carry.
  5. The 72mm size of these wheels makes them a great option for cruising and carving.



Brand Name Shark Wheel
Color Black
Material Polyurethane
Manufacturer Shark Wheel
Size 72 mm


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7) Orangatang Freeride Longboard Wheels

Best longboard wheels

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Longboarding should be easy. That’s Orangatang’s Freeride Longboard Wheels. Blue 77a wheels. This precise blend of hardness and suppleness makes rough terrain smooth while maintaining grip and control.

Longevity Urethane

Materials determine durability. Orangatang creates their Freeride Longboard Wheels using premium urethane. This material makes wheels more durable and grippier.

For Travelling Longboarders

Gear-carrying longboarders need dimensions. The 6 x 5 x 4 Orangatang Freeride Longboard Wheels are portable. These wheels weigh 2.1 pounds and are easy to handle.

Install Jehu V2 Bearings Easily

Installation concerns? Orangatang Freeride Longboard Wheels use Loaded Jehu V2 bearings. High-quality bearings simplify installation and get you on the road fast.

Orangatang—Quality and Innovation

Orangatang makes outstanding longboarding gear like the Freeride Longboard Wheels. Industry leaders due to quality and innovation. Orangatang products always deliver.

All-Skills Compatibility

All longboarders can use these wheels. Orangatang works with most longboards. These wheels improve longboarding.

Longboarding is great with Orangatang’s Freeride Longboard Wheels. Comfort, durability, and versatility make these wheels popular worldwide. Orangatang will revolutionise longboarding. Upgrade today.

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  1. The Orangatang Freeride Longboard Wheels are made from high-quality urethane material, providing excellent grip and durability.
  2. The unique blue color with a 77a hardness rating provides a smooth and comfortable ride.
  3. The package dimensions of 6 x 5 x 4 inches make these wheels a compact and convenient option for transport.
  4. These wheels come with a Loaded Jehu V2 bearing, making installation easy.
  5. Orangatang is a trusted brand in the longboarding industry, known for their commitment to quality and innovation.



Brand Name Orangatang
Color Blue, 77a
Material Urethane
Suggested Users Unisex
Manufacturer Orangatang


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Best longboard wheels 2023 -Complete Buying Guide

Welcome to our complete guide to the best longboard wheels for  2023. In this guide, we will provide an in-depth overview of the key factors to consider when buying a set of longboard wheels.

We will explore the types of material, shapes and sizes available so that you can make an informed decision and get a set of wheels that are perfect for your individual riding style and terrain. We also highlight some of our top picks in each category as well as some advanced features to look out for when searching for the best longboard wheels in  2023.

Hopefully by the end of this guide you will have all the knowledge you need to find the perfect setup for your next trick or cruise session!

Explanation of Longboard Wheels

Longboard wheels come in different sizes, hardness levels, and materials. The size ranges from 58mm to 103mm. In addition, longboard wheels can have a durometer ranging from 78a to 101a. Lastly, all wheels are made of the same basic material that is Polyurethane (PU).

The popularity of longboarding has grown rapidly in recent years. While it’s still a relatively niche sport, the variety and availability of longboard components has also increased alongside it. Whether you’re new to the sport or a seasoned veteran, understanding the basics about longboard wheels will help ensure you’re able to get exactly what you’re looking for based on your riding style and needs.

Wheel size is one factor when selecting the perfect wheel for your setup; larger diameter wheels tend to roll faster over cracks and bumps while smaller diameter options provide improved maneuverability and acceleration at slower speeds when making tight turns or popping off surfaces. Additionally, wheel hardness is another important consideration; harder formulations provide higher speed potential but less shock absorption, while softer wheels offer improved grip but lower top speeds.

The last piece of the puzzle comes down to material selection; typical longboard wheel ranges consist of diverse formulas such as silicon-based urethane (SoFo), carbon-based pu (CaFo) and more recently introduced hybrid formulas that combine attributes from each substance type in one package such as HiFo and ThaFo technology which provides great speed with excellent shock absorption performance – all without sacrificing any grip characteristics!

Importance of Choosing the Best Longboard Wheels

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Choosing the right wheels for your longboard is extremely important. Not only will the design of your board affect how fast and smoothly you can ride, but the size and type of your wheels will also influence your speed, stability, and maneuverability. It is generally easier to switch out your wheels than to change any other components on your board, so it is a great way to get started when customizing your ride.

The right balance between grip and slide is essential in order to maintain control while riding. Softer wheels provide more grip while harder wheels can help maintain higher speeds due to increased roll speed. Given that longboarding requires large amounts of sliding, it is usually preferable to go with a softer wheel as they aid in decreasing sliding resistance from side-to-side motion or breaking traction easily if needed.

You’ll also want to consider the size or “durometer” of the wheel. A higher durometer indicates a harder wheel that increases acceleration at the cost of reducing grip on pavement surfaces (as opposed to thicker lower durometer ones). Smaller diameter wheels are both lighter in weight and easier to accelerate while larger diameter ones can help increase overall stability when riding at high speeds or tackling rough terrains such as hills or gravel paths.

The shape of a wheel can make a difference in terms of lip length and curves as well as center set widths provide more stability at high end speeds on tough terrains by providing better gripping power free-riding surfaces like hills or skating parks.

Purpose of the Guide

This guide provides a complete overview of the different types of longboard wheels you can buy. It explains the advantages and disadvantages of each type and offers helpful tips on choosing the right size, color, and hardness for your specific longboarding needs. Understanding your terrain, expectations, and preferences will help you select the best-suited wheel for your next ride.

Whether you’re looking for durability, speed, smooth sliding or just getting to know what a user’s experience is like when riding with certain types of wheels, this guide covers it all. Get ready for a smooth ride!

Factors to Consider When Choosing Longboard Wheels

When it comes to longboard wheels, there are many factors you should consider before making a purchase. The right wheels can improve your riding experience, giving you enhanced speed, cornering and grip. Choosing the wrong set of wheels can be costly, so it is important to understand what factors go into choosing the right type of wheel for your needs. Here are some of the main factors to consider when purchasing longboard wheels:

Size: Wheel size is one of the most important considerations when choosing longboard wheels. Longboard wheels come in a wide range of sizes, from small to large. Smaller diameter wheels will provide more grip on a road and better acceleration than larger diameter ones. Large diameter wheels roll faster and are ideal for drifting or riding on rough surfaces, but they do not have as much grip as smaller ones.

Hardness: The hardness of a wheel is determined by its durometer rating (measured in A). Longboard wheel durometer ratings can range from 78A-101A which indicates how hard or soft the wheel material is. Generally speaking, softer wheels will have more traction on smoother surfaces and harder ones will have better longevity and speed over rough surfaces. In general, a 85 durometer rating provides an ideal balance between grip and speed with good durability across all types of longboarding terrains.

Shape: Longboard wheel shapes come in many varieties including round lips, sharp lips or square lips depending on personal preference and riding style. Round lip shapes provide a smoother roll while sharp lip shapes offer more bite into turns for improved cornering and control at high speeds Square lipped shaped wheels offer maximum traction for performing slides or maneuvers on street spots or ramps with consistent grip throughout the life cycle of the product.

Wheel Size

The size of a longboard wheel plays a crucial role in how the board will perform. Wheel size is measured by diameter, typically ranging from 65mm to 75mm. Smaller and harder wheels will be faster but won’t have as much grip, whereas larger and softer wheels tend to offer more grip and cushioning. The most popular sizes are ranging from 68-71mm with a durometer (hardness) rating of 78a-88a (A-scale).

The width of the wheel should also be taken into consideration for better performance and stability, with most wheels classified as “standard” or “wide” depending on their width. As a general rule wider wheels offer better traction but less speed, while narrower wheels have greater agility but reduced traction.

Durometer or Hardness

The hardness of a wheel is typically measured with a Durometer and typically represented as durometer A for softer wheels or durometer B for harder wheels. The lower the number, the softer the wheel will be. Generally, a durometer rating below 78A is considered to be a soft wheel while anything higher than 82A is considered to be hard. Wheels between 78A and 82A are considered to be medium.

Soft wheels are generally better suited for rough surfaces because they will help absorb the shock of riding over bumps, cracks, and other obstacles. They are usually recommended for cruising pastimes or downhill racing since they provide more grip and gripping ability at higher speeds. Harder wheels (82A and up) are designed to ride smoother on smooth surfaces as they provide less grip which helps in catching air when skating ramps or bowls.

It’s important to note that soft wheels will wear out faster than harder ones when used on smoother surfaces as they are more porous and can’t handle the impact from hitting objects like rocks or sticks.

III. Types of Longboard Wheels

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Longboard wheels come in several different shapes and sizes depending on the use an individual wants for their board. For example, a cruising wheel will have a smaller diameter than one suited for downhill pushing. However, all wheels consist of three main components: the core, the lip (contact patch), and the urethane (material). Below are some of the most popular types of wheel shapes to help users choose which combinations will be best for them.

Cruising Wheels– Cruising wheels have wide contact patches that allow riders to feel more of the ground when pushing or carving turns. These are typically used for commuting at lower speeds with smoother surfaces because they need less grip than other wheel types.

Downhill Wheels– Downhill wheel shapes typically match that of Freeride Wheels; they are larger than other types to give you more stability at higher speeds, a rounded profile to reduce drag, and sharp lips with deeper treads to provide maximum grip on asphalt or concrete surfaces. The size is usually around 72-75 mm depending on preference and terrain type.

Freeride Wheel – This wheel shape allows users to make tight sliding turns when approaching corners while racing down hills. Its profile is rounded with lips that begin where it meets the core which increases cornering performance without too much drag like other downhill wheel styles may have. They also come in different durometers (hardness) depending on preference as well as terrain type; softer durometers increase traction whereas harder ones increase speed/distance potential but reduce grip potential drastically as well making them unsuitable for rougher terrains.

Park or Street Wheels – Park/street wheels come in different sizes ranging from 66mm-72mm depending on what kind of tricks you’ll be performing or where you’re skating. They feature a non-round shape and edges that provide better control during slides by reducing speed and controling grip at slower speeds compared to regular longboards due to their greater surface area in contact with the ground when sliding is taking place rather then just rolling.

Freeride Wheels

Freeride wheels are designed for downhill, or fast freeriding on all terrains. They usually have a large contact patch, and which means they have plenty of grip when riding at high speeds. Freeride wheels also typically have a rounded edge for a smoother ride. They are normally between 70 and 75mm in size, and made from either polyurethane or urethane.

The hardness of the wheel plays an important part in how it will perform when navigating different terrains. Soft wheels tend to wear out quickly on rough surfaces, while harder ones offer more stability when sliding. Therefore, choosing the right wheel hardnesses is important to consider when buying freeride wheels. Thicker urethane will also help dampen vibrations and decrease the risk of wheel bite as you slide downhills and make sharp turns.

Cruiser Wheels

Cruiser wheels come in a variety of forms, and should be selected based on the size and hardness of the wheel as well as other factors. Cruiser wheels are designed specifically for longboarding, so you want to make sure you know your needs before choosing a wheel.Some common factors to keep in mind when choosing cruiser wheels include hardness, durometer, core placement, lip shape, and contact patch size.

Hardness – Most cruiser wheels range from 72A to 78A durometer for recreational purposes; lower numbers signify softer wheels and thus more grip on hard surfaces such as concrete. However, if you’re planning to use your cruiser in an urban setting on rough surfaces such as cobblestone or asphalt, it may be better to look into slightly harder wheels with an 80 or 82A durometer.

Durometer – The durometer measures the hardness of the wheel; when shopping for cruiser longboards , it is important that you pay close attention to this number. The higher the number (up to 83A), the harder and less grippy the wheel will feel ; likewise, lower numbers (down to 71A) will offer more grip.

Core Placement – Core placement helps control speed stability when cruising at higher speeds down hills; this contributes significantly to downhill performance with lighter riders . Most of today’s cruiser boards feature center-set core placements for easier turning around tight corners .

Lip Shape – Generally speaking , rounded lips are safer on rougher terrain than traditional square-cut lips , meaning cuts and small bumps won’t catch your board mid-ride .

Contact Patch Size – The longer the contact patch (the length of flat section along the bottom from lip to lip) , the smoother your ride will feel . More modern skateboard designs offer larger contact patches which allow for better control during carving turns or riding at high speed .


Now that you have a basic understanding of longboard wheels, there are a few important things to keep in mind when making your purchase. Here are some helpful tips:

First, consider what type of riding you’re planning on doing—whether it’s cruising around town or downhills on rougher terrain, the right longboard wheels will vary accordingly. Be sure to check the durometer rating and diameter so that your wheels will be the right hardness and size for your needs. Also consider whether they include bearings; good bearings are an important part of a good ride. Finally, weigh any additional features such as PU foam or layers of rubber on the hub/rim against their cost and decide if they’re worth it to you.

By now, you should have all the information you need to choose great longboard wheels for your setup. Whether it’s smooth slides for downhill runs or soft rides for city commuting, make sure you select the right set of wheels for how and where you plan on riding!


What are the best kind of wheels for a longboard?

The best kind of wheels for a longboard depends on the style of riding and personal preference. Generally, soft wheels with a larger diameter are better for cruising and carving, while harder, smaller wheels are better for tricks and slides.

Are bigger wheels better for longboarding?

Bigger wheels can provide a smoother ride and roll over cracks and bumps more easily, but they also add weight and can reduce maneuverability. Ultimately, the size of the wheels depends on the rider’s preference and riding style.

What size longboard wheel is best for speed?

A wheel size of 70-75mm with a durometer of 78-80a is best for speed. Larger diameter wheels provide more speed, while a softer durometer allows for better grip on the road.

What wheel is best for longboard dancing?

For longboard dancing, it’s best to use smaller, lighter wheels with a durometer around 80a. This allows for more control and better ability to perform technical footwork.

Can you Ollie on longboard wheels?

Ollies on longboard wheels are possible, but it requires a different technique than on a skateboard. Longboard wheels are larger and heavier, so it may take more effort to get them off the ground.

What wheels do most skaters use?

Most skaters use wheels with a durometer between 99a and 101a. These are harder wheels that are good for tricks and slides.

Are 78A wheels too soft?

78A wheels are considered soft and are best for cruising and carving. They provide a smooth ride and can absorb vibrations from rough terrain.

What wheels did Tony Hawk use?

Tony Hawk used Bones wheels during his professional skateboarding career. He used a variety of durometers depending on the type of terrain and tricks he was performing.

What are 99d wheels good for?

Tony Hawk used Bones wheels during his professional skateboarding career. He used a variety of durometers depending on the type of terrain and tricks he was performing.

Is 99a a soft wheel?

99a is considered a medium-hard wheel. It’s a good all-around wheel that can be used for both street and park skating.

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